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  • Include our site description: BWScrapbooking offers designer digital scrapbook papers, fibers, metals, accents, embellishments and vintage imagery for scrapbooking and paper arts.

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Guidelines for Approval

The following sites will not be accepted;

- Sites that advocate violence.
- Sites that are based primarily on pay per click listings or affiliate links.
- Adult content, pornography, illicit photographs or sexual nature.
- Sites that run pop-up, pop-under or slide in advertising.
- Gambling, gaming or any site related to or affiliated with gambling.
- Pharmaceutical and drug related sites that sell illegal drugs.
- Mirrored sites or sites that replicate the same content through multiple domains.
- Sites that contain no unique content.
- Sites that are not completed, i.e. Under Construction pages exist.
- Weapons of an illegal nature.
- Sites that promote illegal activity of any type.
- Sites that contain spam, hidden content or blatant content against the search engines editorial policies.
- Any site that is simply considered of poor quality from the editors viewpoint.
- Web sites that are not in English or contain an English version.
- Web site that redirect to another site not within the domain listed.
- We reserve the right to refuse submission of any site for any reason we deem as necessary.
-We can only link to those who will be linking back to Please do not request any links if you do not intend to reciprocate.
-We can only link to your page in one instance; please do not submit a link to a site we are already linking to.
-Your site cannot state or imply that endorses a company, product or service.
-Your web site cannot use name, logo, slogan or other images without prior permission.

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