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Getting Started With Digital Scrapbooking

Now that digital cameras getting more popular, and you can easily create high quality prints, women have embraced digital scrapbooking. Digital scrapbooking is similar to traditional scrapbooking but there is no mess, no paper, no cutting, and no trips to the store for scrapbooking supplies. Digital scrapbooking allows you to create all types of layouts quickly and easily for your pictures. The layouts are then stored on your computer or printed out to create a paper scrapbook.

What do you need to get started with digital scrapbooking?

There are a few must haves for digital scrapbooking.

  • A digital camera
  • A photo editing program (popular programs are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro, & Microsoft Digital Image Suite<)
  • A little creativity, some patience, and that’s about it!

Which photo editing program should you choose?

There are quite a few programs out there to pick from. Before you spend a ton of money on a program, here are some things you should consider.

  • Are you a beginner or have you had some experience with graphic programs or other challenging programs? If you are a beginner, you may want to purchase an easy/user friendly program such as Adobe Elements or Corel Paint Shop Pro. Both are great programs for beginners to start with. If you have experience with graphics, web design software, or other challenging programs, you may want to go ahead and invest the money in a quality professional program like Adobe Photoshop CS2.
  • How much money do you want to invest in a photo editing program? If you want to get started but do not have a lot of money to invest in a photo editing program, you might consider purchasing Corel Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Elements, or Microsoft Digital Image Suite. You can find all of these for around a $100 or less. There are also several programs that are on the market just for digital scrapbooking that are priced as low as $30.
  • How much help are you going to need? Will you need to use digital scrapbooking tutorials? Many of the websites that offer tutorials for digital scrapbooking are done in Adobe Photoshop. There are a lot of online resources for learning Adobe Photoshop or Elements (Photoshop’s simpler photo editing program) that are both easy to find and free. Tutorials for using Corel Paint Shop Pro are easy to find as well.
How hard is digital scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking is not hard at all. With a quality program and a few simple tutorials, anyone can learn to make a digital scrapbook! Even a child can learn to design the simple layouts. It really is easy! Some of the more complicated page layouts might take some time to learn but digital scrapbooking is not scary or difficult. The nice thing with digital scrapbooking is if you do mess up a page, you can easily start over.

Is digital scrapbooking expensive?

It’s only as expensive as you make it! There are plenty of FREE resources out there for digital scrapbooking. Free online tutorials are available, free page layouts are available. The nice thing with digital is once you buy your kits and other items, you can uise them as often as you want, there no scraps, no mistakes, and saves you a lot of money.

Where can I learn to digital scrapbook?

If you are thinking of digital scrapbooking, want to see what a page layout looks like, or want to talk to otherpeople that scrapbook, take a look at our forums and our other BWScrap University tutorials for advice on getting started.

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Published on: 2006-08-09 (842 reads)

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