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Getting Started with Digital Scrapbooking Fonts

How do you write in your digital scrap book.

When writing in your scrapbook, you dont have to worry how neat your handwriting is, how small or large you writte. You can be as creative as the fonts you have on your computer. You can easily use any font you have installed on your computer  for your digital scrapbook projects. In addition to the fonts already on your computer, you can buy fonts and download free fonts. Many layout titles are made by using different fonts for each word or letter. Many digital scrapbookers collect fonts to use on their layouts. This can lead to , but there are programs that can help you with.

Digital Scrapbooking Alphabet Set.

Alphabet sets can also be used to create titles and journaling. Alphabets are different from fonts in that each letter is a piece of art independent from the other letters. If you use layer specific software, each letter would be its own layer. Alphabets do not go in your font program and are often more detailed than fonts, but not as fast to work with. The lower example in the image above was created with an alphabet set.

Using Fonts in your graphics program for Toppers and Journalling.

To add a title to a page is easy, you are just limited to your imagination. The key is to learn how to use the text/type` tool in your graphics program. Here is how you can use text in photoshop and elements.

  • Select the Type tool in the toolbox.
  • In the shortcuts bar underneath the top menu bar set the font face, size, color and other font options for the Topper text. Start out with a large font size like 36 points. You can adjust the font options after the text is on your page.
  • Once you have set the font options click on the page where you want the text to begin and type in the topper text. When you're done, click the checkbox in the text shortcuts bar.
  • Using the Move tool you can fine-tune the text by moving it around, changing the layer stacking order, and rotating it.
  • If you want to change any of the text styling, click on the Move tool on the toolbar, click on top of the text to make sure it is selected and then click on the Type tool. When you do, the shortcuts menu bar for that text will appear under the regular menu bar and you can change the options.
Over time some of us forget the special little things about an occasion. Adding "Journaling" (notes) to a scrapbook page can help us remember those moments and fill out the scrapbook page too.

Journaling is added the same way as the topper except in a smaller font size.

In the sample page, we added journaling in a few open spots using the same Comic font face but in a smaller font size and with different colors.Once you have your fonts or alphabet sets you are ready to write in your scrapbook.

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Published on: 2006-08-10 (714 reads)

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