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Photoshop - Distressed Paper and Shading

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5. Apply Filters>Pixellate>Crystalize. Lower the magnification and use the
hand to find the edge of you selection. Choose a cell size: the larger cell
size you use, the larger the bites from your paper edges will be. Click OK.

6. If needed, Ctrl-T to resize your Quick Mask, or click Selection>Contract
and choose several pixels smaller. Do this if too much of the crystallized
shape is hanging off the paper edges. Especially if you're using a small
cell size and it's hanging off the paper edges, there won't be much change.
The more it's hanging off, the less the effect will be.

7. Exit Quick Mask Mode by typing Q or clicking on the Edit in Standard Mode
icon next the Edit in Quick Mask Mode.

8. With your Paper layer selected in the Layers Palette, click the Add Layer
Mask icon or Layers>Add Layer Mask>Reveal Selection. This will mask off the
edges of the paper.

9. If you don't like the effect, go back in the History Palette and repeat
step 5 or 6, changing the cell size or changing the size of the Quick Mask
differently. Remember, you can always change the shape and size of the mask
at any point by clicking the link icon next to it to unlink it from the
layer and using Ctrl-T to change it.

10. Optional: use the Smudge tool to gently smudge the edges of the paper to
look slightly torn. See Simple Torn Paper PS tutorial for instructions.

11. Double click on the Paper icon in the layers palette to bring up the
Layer Styles Dialog box. Make a very large, dark, soft drop shadow.

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