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Top Ten Journaling Inspirations

Scrapbookers dont always let the pictures do the talking. Some times its nice to put the event in to your own words. This is journaling. A good way to journal is to use prompts. Journaling prompts can help you get started when you're having trouble writing. Below are some top ten prompt ideas---  Top ten was just my David Letterman influence. You can do as many or as little topics as you want form you journaling. Remember, prompts are just to get you started. These lists can be used as the inspiration for a day's journal writing, or can be used as the entire entry when you're short on writing time. So here we go:

My 10 favorite movies
My 10 favorite books
My 10 favorite scents or smells
My 10 favorite sounds
My 10 favorite pieces of music
My 10 favorite works of art
My 10 favorite words
My 10 favorite quotes
My 10 favorite things

10 places I have lived, in order
10 unforgettable moments in my life
10 things I love about my spouse (or children or pet(s))
10 things I've always wanted to do that I haven't done (yet)
10 countries I would love to visit
10 types of food or dishes I've never eaten that I'd like to try
10 things I'd like to learn
10 things I would do if I won the lottery
10 reasons I would (or wouldn't) want to be famous

My 10 biggest fears
My 10 greatest joys
My 10 deepest sorrows

10 people who are alive today I would love to meet (and why)
10 people no longer living I would love to have met (and why)
10 people I have met who impressed me the most (and why)
10 people alive today I admire the most and would like to emulate

10 things I expect in a good friend
10 things I think are crucial for me to be happy
10 things I believe in
10 things I'm optimistic about
10 things I'm pessimistic about
10 of my absolute worst pet peeves
10 unfinished projects hanging over my head

If I had 15 minutes to evacuate my home before it was to be destroyed by a hurricane, what 10 things would I grab (not including people or pets)

If I were going to be stranded on a desert island, what 10 items would I want in my pockets?

10 of my very best ideas
10 of my very worst ideas
10 things I've done or said that I'm proud of
10 things I've done that I wish I hadn't

If I could live in any era of history, what would it be -- list 10 reasons why
If I could be any age, what would it be -- list 10 reasons why
What was my favorite grade in school - list 10 reasons why

10 things I learned at school *not* on the curriculum
10 things I really like about myself
10 things I really like about my best friend, sibling, parent, or relative

What was my favorite vacation or trip ever -- list 10 reasons why

The 10 most important things in any relationship

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Published on: 2006-01-24 (771 reads)

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