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What Is Journaling

Journaling is the writing that accompanies photographs in a scrapbook album. Typically scrapbookers write the information, as they consider the handwriting part of the history of the scrapbook album. Those with hard to read handwriting may want to consider using a printer or asking a family member to help out. Consider including dates names, the story behind the photos, poems or quotes page toppers or titles.

Creative Ways Of Scrapbook Journaling

  • Write around the top and/or bottom of the oval and circle shapes, following the curve of the photo and paper if you are using it behind the photo.
  • Write on the letters yourself (with or without the use of a stencil), use punch out or cut out letters, pre-made page toppers (theme based) or sticker letters to spell out individual words/names/page titles instead of writing them out yourself.
  • Choose a marker color that matches the paper color you are using as a border or pick a color that is predominant in one or several of the photos to use for your journaling.
How much to add to your Scrapbook Journaling

The amount of and content of the journaling here is all subject to the purpose or recipient of the album and what it is they will most want to remember. If you are making the scrapbook album for yourself you may want to remember the basics but also any funny anecdotes from the day or a particular moment captured in a photo. If the album is for someone else they may want the facts or a combination of the facts and the story behind a particular photo.

If you are using the photos to tell a story (in some cases there is a sequence in which photos have been taken that describe how the events unfolded) then the journaling can potentially be minimal. Likewise, you may decide to make a page with just 1 photo, and dedicate a considerable amount of space to the story behind the picture.

So pull out your pen and start writing to your hearts content. There are no rules. Just your memories for your family and friends to enjoy.

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Published on: 2006-01-31 (695 reads)

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